Your Health, Your Immune System, and Your Microbiota


Your Health, Your Immune System, and Your Microbiota


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    Non-STEM undergraduates wishing to fulfill their STEM cognate requirement. Not for microbiology & immunology majors or minors.
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Much of our health, both long-term and short-term, is impacted by decisions we make each and every day. Many of the health-related consequences of the food we choose to eat, the activities we elect to purse, and the habits that we develop, involve, either directly or indirectly, our immune system and/or our microbiome. Many of these relationships are well-establish (i.e., bad habits that promote cancer which normally our immune system protects us against) whereas others have been more recently discovered such as the direct relationship between diet and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. Possessing a fundamental understanding of how our immune system and microbiota functions is the first step in helping us make health-promoting decisions. The operating premise of this cognate is that a foundational knowledge of the "healthy state" is key to developing the mindset to maintain a pro-health lifestyle.

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