Individualized Cognate in People & Society

People and Society

Individualized Cognate in People & Society


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  • Academic Plan
  • Cognate
    People and Society
  • Responsible Academic Unit
  • Recommended for
    All Students
  • Required Courses
    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits
  • Number of Groups: 1

Cognate Categories


Individualized Cognate in People and Society

Option Groups

Students may create an individualized cognate to fulfill an Area of Knowledge requirement. All of the courses used in an individualized cognate must have the Area of Knowledge attribute in CaneLink for the requirement that they are being used to fulfill, even if they are transfer credits. If a course has been approved to be utilized in an individualized cognate, an Area of Knowledge attribute will be listed in CaneLink. No exceptions will be accepted.

  • Individualized Cognate P&S

    Individualized course selection: Complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.

    Course Name Credits (Min/Max) Typically Offered
*Indicates an inactive course

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