Architecture: Design & Theory

Arts & Humanities

Architecture: Design & Theory
Architecture: Design & Theory


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    Arts & Humanities
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    • Name: Carie Penabad
    • Email:
    • Phone: 305-284-5708
    • Location: La Gorce House, Room 330A
  • Recommended for
    All students.
  • Required Courses
    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.
  • Number of Groups: 2

Cognate Categories


The Architecture Design & Theory Cognate introduces students to design thinking through a hands-on projects. Drawing skills are useful but not necessary, as the objective is to engage in the conceptual process of architectural design. Students then choose among a selection of lecture, seminar and travel courses to complete the cognate in order to develop an intellectual framework for the critical evaluation of architecture and its impact on individuals and communities.

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Complete at least 2 of the following option groups:

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