Workplace Safety and Accident Prevention


Workplace Safety and Accident Prevention
Workplace Safety and Accident Prevention


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    • Name: Shihab Asfour
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    • Phone: 305-284-2367
    • Location: 267 McArthur
  • Recommended for
    Non-engineering majors.
  • Required Courses
    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.
  • Number of Groups: 2

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This cognate is intended to provide non-engineering majors with an understanding of the fundamentals accident prevention and safety engineering, the study of human capacities and limitations, and occupational health hazards that might exist in the business world. Fundamentals include Industrial Safety Engineering, Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering, and Industrial Hygiene. In addition, there's is an Introduction to Business Law, and the Legal and Social Aspects of Business Regulation.

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