Human Beings' and Their Ancestors' Adaptations to a Changing World


Human Beings' and Their Ancestors' Adaptations to a Changing World


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    All students.
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    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.
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Provides an ability to describe and explain modern synthetic theory of evolution. Familiarity with evolutionary concepts from the molecular and sub-cellular level to the individual organism and population dynamics levels; the relationship of how evolution drives genetic and phenotypic change in our species; the processes of analyzing the fossil record of human evolution and how it is expressed in the genome of living populations will be studies. This cognate may also explore primatological models in understanding evolutionary processes and outcomes. The study of human remains may become an area of interest for some cognate-taking students, who in the course of studying forensics and/or bioarchaeology, will become familiar with the inferential process in these highly empirical subdisciplines.

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