Social and Behavioral Sciences for Pre-med Students

People and Society

Social and Behavioral Sciences for Pre-med Students

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    People and Society
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    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.
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The introductory courses provide a broad overview of the social sciences from two different perspectives, as well as a foundation in research and statistics. Students will be able to follow a mainly SOC or PSY path by selecting the introductory course of their choice. The social psychology requirement will further prepare pre-med students for the medical field as it allows them to explore how individual or group behavior influences personality, attitude, perception, attraction, aggression, leadership, group formation, conformity, and much more. Students who complete this cognate will also take a medically-related social science course to examine how the social sciences are directly related to their chosen career path. In sum, these courses should provide all pre-med students with a basic understanding of the social and behavioral sciences so they can better prepare for a career in the health care field.

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