Health & Medicine in the Social Sciences

People and Society

Health & Medicine in the Social Sciences
Health & Medicine in the Social Sciences

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    People and Society
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    • Name: Diana K. Ter-Ghazaryan
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    • Phone: 305-284-6679
    • Location: 115F 1300 Campo Sano
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    Recommended: Open to all students, but recommended for those pursuing the Pre-Med track, Public Health, Health Sciences, or any allied health field.
  • Required Courses
    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.
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Provides grounding in the behavioral and socio-cultural determinants of public health, health services provision, and clinical practice. Supports recent revisions to the MCAT exam that will include a new section, 'Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior,' that will test students' understanding of how these disciplines influence behavior and behavior change; cultural and social differences that affect well-being; and the relationship among socioeconomic status, access to resources, and well-being. This new section recognizes recent findings-highlighted in the AAMC report 'Behavioral and Social Science Foundations for Future Physicians'-that integrating social and behavioral sciences into medical education can improve health care.

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