Medical Humanities: Exploring the Human Dimensions of Health & Medicine

Arts and Humanities


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Medical Humanities: Exploring the Human Dimensions of Health & Medicine


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    Arts and Humanities
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    This cognate is appropriate for any interested students to satisfy their Arts and Humanities requirement. It is also appropriate for students on any/all pre-med, pre-nursing, public health, or biomedical engineering major tracks.
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    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.
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THIS COGNATE HAS BEEN DEACTIVATED AS OF January 1, 2023. This cognate provides a view of the practice and science of medicine from the perspective of the humanities, and reviews the history and cultural significance of medicine and health from ancient times to today. Students who anticipate a career in the health sciences or public service, in various businesses, government, and non-governmental organizations will gain important insights into their chosen field. Students will discover that medicine and health are variously considered a science, an art, and a calling, and will be able to situate themselves in a profession that spans from antiquity to modern biotechnology. Related courses offered periodically under special topics numbers may also fulfill the cognate with prior approval from the Responsible Academic Unit.

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