Representation of the Human Figure in Art

Arts and Humanities

Representation of the Human Figure in Art

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    Given the ubiquitous presence of screen technology and the disembodied contact that it promotes nearly every student in the university would benefit from exposure to a cognate that emphasizes direct and active perceptual experience with physical reality.
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    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.
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This cognate offers the student the opportunity to combines the rigors of intuitive, skill-based studio art training with courses rooted in rational, art historical analysis of the representation of the human figure in Western art. The cognate begins with a hands-on introduction to a perceptual drawing course that provides the student with the skill and spatial understanding to translate his/her visual perceptions to a 2-dimensional surface. The cognate then introduces the student to drawing from nude models. Both theses courses are rooted in the approaches developed in Renaissance Italy as reflected in the sketchbooks of Leonardo.

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