Italian Language and Culture: Communicating with Italian Speakers.

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Italian Language and Culture: Communicating with Italian Speakers.

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    Students whose interests include Italy and Italian culture and society, such as art history, history, architecture, international studies, English literature, American Studies and Latin American Studies (via the Italian migration), music, and more.
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    Students must complete at least 3 courses for at least 9 credits.
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The cognate coheres around the unifying theme of communication within Italian-speaking societies. The language courses build on each other as part of a series and the 310 course (Texts in Translation) offers a closer look at specific cultural products. This cognate will be of interest to students who wish to study the Italian language and learn about the modes of expression and cultural history of Italy. The study of languages and cultures is integral to education in a global university. In addition to providing access to various perspectives, multilingualism and intercultural competency foster success in business, economics, law, medicine, education, social sciences, politics, arts, and literature.

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